Welcome to Fortitudo Fitness.

Fortitūdō comes from the Latin root ‘fortis’ and is the Latin derivative of the word “fortitude.” It means having ‘strength and courage in the face of adversity.’


Strength training and powerlifting focus on physical strength, but Fortitudo Fitness also prioritizes the athlete’s mental strength as well by supporting and encouraging its athletes.


It takes courage to put yourself first. It takes courage to work towards your goals. Fortitudo Fitness dares its athletes to dive into their goals and move towards them with courage.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford (in memory of Coach K)

Hey there! I’m Julianna.

I’m a student + coach + powerlifter + cat lover + personal trainer + ice cream connoisseur.

My passion lies in helping individuals develop their confidence and strength both in and out of the gym via strength and powerlifting-specific coaching.

Follow along, I’d love to have you.