Coaching Services

Fortitudo Fitness specializes in working with individuals looking to improve their form, break out of their comfort zone, and get STRONG!

Powerlifting Programming + Coaching


Interested in learning the ins and outs of powerlifting and potentially competing? This is for you!

Includes: Everything listed above + additional powerlifting resources + meet prep coaching + game day coaching (within 3 hours of Metro Detroit).

I am currently coaching through The Strength Guys!

Game Day Handling


Looking to have meet day go as smoothly as possible?

Includes: initial consultation about goals of the meet, assistance with attempts and warm-ups, strategy sheet (if needed).

Required: local to Michigan – if not local to Michigan, further discussion on pricing.


“Julianna has helped me change my mentality to a “can do” mindset. Through her encouragement I believe I can do things I never thought possible because I was afraid to try. For example, her faith in me being able to do unassisted pull ups was something I needed to even attempt the movement – she was right and now I feel even more proud of myself!”

— Sarah

“Whatever your personal goals are, Julianna will work with you to help you achieve them. It can be intimidating reaching out to someone to ask for help with your goals, but it’s so worth it – Julianna’s kind and accommodating, and will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals in a non-judgmental and welcoming environment.”

— Jessi