Hi, I’m Julianna.

Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, and Powerlifter

I’m a firm believer in and proponent of the positive impact that exercise has on one’s mental and physical well being. In fact, I’ve dedicated my life thus far to it. When I was in 7th grade, I spent the majority of my time consumed by terrible body image, food obsession, and over exercise. As a result, I developed an eating disorder. Although a terrible and scary time, this was the starting place of my interest in health and wellness.

In 2015, I stumbled upon powerlifting on Instagram and fell in love. I had spent so much of my life trying to shrink myself, that the prospect of growing and being strong was beautiful to me. I began competing in 2016, and since then have competed in 9 different meets – local, state, national and world level.

As a result of my interest in fitness and wellness, I am a Senior studying Movement Science and Psychology. There has been quite the back and forth on precisely what I’d like to do with that, however, as of now, I plan to continue on the Kinesiology route in graduate school.

One of my greatest joys outside of my passion for wellness is working with people. I am an ACSM-certified personal trainer and have been training in person clients for about a year now. Prior to that, I worked at a local gym as a Strength Instructor and Assistant.

For all my powerlifting career, I have worked with online coaches and thus wanted to enter into the space myself. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with TheStrengthGuys, which has been incredibly informative.

The fitness industry doesn’t lack female coaches. I believe it lacks female strength coaches. Think of the top 10 strength coaches you know. Do many females make that list? Probably not. There is a sex bias within the industry, and I believe there is no space for this bias.

This is what Fortitudo Fitness is made of: having courage, taking up space, and diving into one’s goals, no matter how lofty they are.

Fun, Fortuitous Facts about me

  • I have a cat named Milo who is a 17lb chonker but my favorite buddy.
  • Google Calendar allows me to organize and live the life I do, but I cannot use a planner for the life of me.
  • I’m not very “sporty” in the stereotypical sense, but I love hiking, kayaking, motorsports, and running on the occasion.
  • My favorite food is ice cream which is ironic as I am lactose intolerant.
  • One of my insecurities is my acne. It’s genetic, but I still will get asked if I’m on steroids because of it LOL.
  • My favorite place I’ve ever been is Banff, Alberta in Canada when 2018 IPF Worlds was in Calgary. I returned in 2022.

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