The idea of Fortitudo Fitness grew before I even knew it had.

I first started working with an online coach at 14 years old (shout out to Cat!) and have been working with online coaches ever since.

I’ve been astounded by the mentorship and coaching provided for me through an online setting – the flexibility, encouragement, affordability, independence, support, and community.

I sought out my own opportunities to work with individuals providing them the same mentorship and over time a similar coaching style.

The summer of 2020, the name Fortitudo Fitness LLC was born following my own ACSM certification.

To the left is the original logo concept.

The Fortitudo Foundation is built on 4 pillars and prides itself in encompassing these values every day:

  • Integrity: honesty, transparency
  • Passion: authentic, real
  • Education: evidence based, knowledge
  • Individual-focused: client-centered

We are constantly growing and learning new knowledge. We’d love to have you stick around and join us.

To the right is the final logo design.