A Step-by-Step Guide to Meet Day

By: Savannah Kaminski & Julianna King The end of summer and fall is a popular time for people to sign up for a meet and try competing for the first time. We have several of our own Fortitudo athletes preparing for upcoming meets across the world. With athletes ranging in experience levels, we still find […]

Becoming a Champion Powerlifter: Game Day Mentality

By: Savannah Kaminski and Julianna King Does a perfect meet day in powerlifting actually exist? Every powerlifter plans for the best come competition day. A full 8 hours of sleep even though they had to travel 2 hours to the venue at 5 in the morning. A seamless equipment check where they didn’t forget their […]

Breaking the Powerlifting Stereotype: An Inside Look at the Colors

By: Savannah Kaminski and Julianna King When it comes to strength and fitness brands, I’m sure you can think of signature colors you often see right off the top of your head. Whether it was your first piece of equipment, or maybe the branding of a big strength company, or even just the powerlifting gym […]

History of Women in Powerlifting

Believe it or not, information on the history of women in powerlifting is difficult to locate. After hours of conducting searches within several databases, the generic Google, and even old newspaper clippings, I was finally able to connect a trail of information about women in powerlifting. Given the above note, I will acknowledge this is […]

A Year in Review: From the Coach

I’ll start with the disclaimer that Fortitudo Fitness (FF) was indeed founded in August of 2020, and that is well over 2 years ago. The name was claimed then – but my position as a powerlifting coach wasn’t realized yet. I started working as a personal trainer at a local gym with plans to use […]

The Keys to A Healthy Coach-Athlete Dynamic

By: Julianna King & Savannah Kaminski What is the most important thing when hiring a powerlifting coach?Is it the programming?Is it the support system?Is it the money?Is it the guidance? When it comes to a coach-athlete relationship, every duo is going to be different. People begin looking for coaches for several different reasons. Not everyone […]

Everything You Need to Know About Establishing a Competition Schedule

By: Julianna King I was introduced to my first meet via my first coach. I mentioned that I wanted to do a meet – and she came back with the suggestion of doing a seminar meet in Chicago. From then on, finding meets solely consisted of me looking at the USAPL Calendar and finding meets […]